I really value getting feedback from my customers. It's great see my paintings being appreciated out there.

Below is feedback and pictures sent in from previous purchasers of original paintings. If you have bought a painting from me, I'd be delighted to post your comments and a picture of it in its new home here. Visit the Contact page to get in touch.

My thanks to all who have taken their time to send me these.

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'Evening Fight' - Hurricane of F/Lt. Harry Raymond Hamilton, No. 85 Squadron. SOLD

Painting: 'Evening Fight' - Hurricane of F/Lt. Harry Raymond Hamilton, No. 85 Squadron. (Artist's and Customer's Images)
"Here's a picture of it hanging! Dad absolutely loves it....Thanks for the art, and the process, it's been great working with you."

-William, London

Home from the Hill

Customer image of Coming Home from the Hill
Painting: 'Coming Home from the Hill' - Talley, Carmarthenshire (Artist's and Customer's Images)
"We are very happy with your painting "Coming Home' by Conway. We chose a smaller size work, 30x20cm but the detail he's managed to get in, is incredible. The colours are also amazing and very naturalistic. We commissioned this work and Conway was lovely to deal with and made sure he captured exactly what we wanted, we will get a lot of pleasure from this picture, it's a great reminder of beautiful Wales. We would highly recommend Conway, he's a very accomplished artist."

-Kim, Somerset

'Red Flags for UXBs' - WAAF Sgt. Joan Elizabeth Mortimer and F/Sgt. Joe Hunt watch Hurricane of P/O.Boleslaw Andrzej Wlasnowolski, No. 32 Squadron Landing. SOLD
Painting- 'Red Flags for UXBs' - WAAF Sgt. Joan Elizabeth Mortimer and F/Sgt. Joe Hunt watch Hurricane of P/O.Boleslaw Andrzej Wlasnowolski, No. 32 Squadron Landing. (Artist's Image)
"It is here and is very beautiful. I am so very impressed and proud to have your work in my home... I know it's going to give me a lot of pleasure over the years and evoke those special memories of my time at RAF Biggin Hill. I am also delighted with my certificate and the write up on the painting. If only I could have met with Sergeant Mortimer and Flight Sergeant Hunt when I was there...Your attention to detail is everywhere, Conway, and is so much appreciated. I have ordered pieces of art before but I've never had the care and effort which you have taken to send this to me."

-Sharon, Denbighshire

'Threshing' - Chalfont-St.-Giles, Buckinghamshire
Painting- 'Threshing' - Chalfont St. Giles, Buckinghamshire (Artist's Image)
"Conway has captured, so well, his feeling of satisfaction of the task of threshing the last of the harvest, as a breeze comes up after a hard working day.
I was privileged to be there on this day to observe the team’s total concentration and coordination, which the painting beautifully recreates, and I love the detail of the completed ricks beside it."

-David, Surrey

Painting entitled "Of Bravery in Summer Skies", based on the 'Harry's Game' novels by Karl Jackson
Painting- "Of Bravery in Summer Skies" (Artist's Image)

Bravery in Summer skies in customer's home, with frame, close up.

Bravery in Summer skies in customer's home
Painting- "Of Bravery in Summer Skies" (Customer's Images)
(The painting is pictured here in the customer's home, next to a chair from the old Officers’ Mess at RAF Uxbridge, which was in situ during the Battle of Britain!)
"Conway is the very definition of a professional artist, and working with him was a delight. His warm, friendly, and very knowledgeable approach made the potentially challenging act of commissioning an oil painting an absolute breeze from initial discussions and concept art, through development and tweaks, progress updates, to delivery of the completed piece. Conway is a master of his art, and a genuinely nice person, and I couldn’t recommend anyone higher if you’re looking for a custom piece of high quality fine art."

-Karl, Yorkshire

Suddenly Alone painting as hung by customer

Gribble's Spitfire painting hung in study
Painting-"Suddenly Alone" (Customer's Images)
"When I first saw this painting, read the story of its conception and the real life inspiration behind it .... I knew I had to buy it! It is a very beautiful and poignant tribute to F/Lt. D.G. Gribble and to all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. I was delighted to meet Conway for a good chat before receiving the painting, and highly recommend his art, he has a very unique style that everybody who has seen the painting praises. It is now framed and in pole position on my study wall. Thank you."

-David, Ayrshire

The winter stream
Painting- "The Winter Stream" (Artist's Image)
"We absolutely fell in love with this painting by @conwayrowlandartist Having recently moved to the coast it reminds us of hidden valleys and streams we love to wonder through in rural Wales and Hampshire. There is so much depth and detail to absorb you. It’s not up & framed yet due to house refurb.. but can’t wait for it to take pride of place."

-Melissa, Hampshire

customers image of paintings framed and hung
Paintings - "The Walk to the Farm- Spring, Summer and Autumn, Chiltern Open Air Museum"
( 3 part commission, Customer's Image, framed)
"After holidays, the framers and ours, and taking their place in the queue, my paintings are finally in my possession. I'm so pleased with them...I am enjoying them where they are. Every time I walk past them I notice something new, whether that's a leaf in a tree or another shade of colour you have used in the sky...Thank you for making the paintings so special to me....."

-Chris, Buckinghamshire

Walk to the Farm- Spring, Chiltern Open Air Museum

Walk to the Farm- Summer, Chiltern Open Air Museum,

Walk to the Farm-Autumn, Chiltern Open Air Museum
Paintings - "The Walk to the Farm- Spring, Summer and Autumn, Chiltern Open Air Museum"
( 3 part commission, Artist's Images, on receipt)
"I just wanted to drop you a few lines to thank you so much for the wonderful paintings you have produced for me for my wife's 60th birthday. With such an important occasion for her I was quite nervous when deciding exactly what I wanted because I knew she would treasure it for the rest of her life, but I needn't have worried she thinks the paintings are magnificent and will take pride of place on our house.
May I also say what a pleasure it has been to work with you through the whole project. I had a vague idea of what I wanted her to have but you have brought my 'vision' to life. You have been very creative, thoughtful and flexible in your whole approach to working with me. Thank you so much again, and if we decide to do something similar again in the future you will be the first person I/ we turn to!"

-Patrick, Buckinghamshire

hurricane painting on wall

hurricane painting within collection
Painting- "The Polish Defence"
(Customer's Image, on framing and hanging)
"It had to take centre position Conway it's my finest piece...it's a beautiful frame and makes your painting stand out"

-Melvin, Donegal, Ireland

'The Polish Defence' - Hurricanes of F/O Stefan Witorzenc, and P/O Pawel Zenker, No. 501 Squadron. SOLD
Painting- "The Polish Defence" (Artist's Image)
"...I collected your parcel from my friend last Friday and all was in good order, and may I say it was worth the wait, it is truly a stunning work of art you are a very talented artist the entire painting looks so real I'm delighted with it. And Conway I wasn't expecting your calendar wow it's one of the nicest ones I've ever seen I can't thank you enough for it, my wife commented that you can Almost feel the weather of the seasons from the pictures in it they are amazing.
So Thank you very much for sending all of this and the information on your painting just brings it to life."

-Melvin, Donegal, Ireland

picture in customer house
Painting- "On Talley Road" (Customer's Image, on framing and hanging)
"Had pic framed and now in pride of place! I really think it does it justice and every day, when I leave the house it is the last thing I look at and that makes me feel happy. I asked for it to covered in glass to protect it, even though it is oil. One day I dream of walking along that lane... I wish you could see it for real. You would feel so proud! It is the kind of painting that you can get lost in and we all need that sort of fantasy."

-Liz, Essex

On Talley Road
Painting- "On Talley Road" (Artist's Image, on receipt)
"When the painting arrived it was beautifully wrapped and presented in a special box. Inside the delicate tissue paper was the most exquisite work of art. Conway is sensitive to his natural surroundings. The landscape comes alive in his brush strokes. The painting takes you into its depths and envelops you in the warmth of nature. Just beautiful- the painting is both atmospheric, soft, warm and makes you feel cocooned in a bygone age of naturalistic beauty. To bring such joy through artistic talent is a gift. Thank you for letting me lose myself in your vision of the countryside and share your love of scenic Wales."

-Liz, Essex

'Early Winter Cloudscape' - Llansawel, Carmarthenshire (SOLD)
Painting- "Early Winter Cloudscape" (Artist's Image)
"The painting arrived this morning. We are delighted. Joan said "It is even better than I thought". We were also impressed by the careful packing. It certainly served its intended purpose of ensuring that there was no damage in transit. The next step is to have it framed. I'll let you know when the job is complete and it is hung in the place we have selected for it."

-John and Joan, Buckinghamshire

storm approaching thresher on wall
Painting- "Storm Approaching Thresher" (Customer's Image)
“Finally it is in a frame and on the wall. Not the ideal frame, I will get something more suitable, but one I happened to have spare. I am very pleased with it, thank you. And it came in a lovely box – almost tempted to hang that on the wall as well!”

-Pete, Buckinghamshire

rick thatching at dusk framed

rick thatching

Painting- "Rick Thatching at Dusk" (Customer's & Artist's Image)
“Here’s the photo of your newly framed picture, the frame brings it out and highlights the sunset and looks very good. We are both very pleased with it. Collected from framers today.”

-David, Surrey

"Never Got Out So Quickly" - Hurricane of F/Sgt. Arthur Herbert Dorrien 'Bill' Pond, No. 601 Squadron (Sold)
Painting- "Never got Out so Quickly" (Artist's Image)
“Thank you so much for the care and thought clearly put into the packaging and delivery of your painting. It’s fabulous and will fit perfectly on one side of the archway into the lounge. Her indoors likes your ‘colour palatte’ so your work passes that crucial test! I’m still keen on one or two of your other paintings.....I’ll be in touch when I have a moment!”

- John, Worcestershire

puddled track painting on wall
Painting- "The Puddled Track " (Customer's Image, framed)
“We have had a very exciting visit to the picture framers to collect our painting. I hope you approve of the frame. We are thrilled to bits with the result and just love the painting very much. Thank you.”

-Ted and Heather, Buckinghamshire

puddled track in box
Painting- "The Puddled Track" (Customer's Image, on receipt)
“What a surprise to be given your parcel by our neighbour on our return today. We are absolutely thrilled with the painting. It is even more wonderful in real life and just takes you on a journey. We love it. I know it's a very different place but as I'm re-reading Far from the Madding Crowd at the moment I thought of Gabriel Oak wandering along too, looking for his new position.”

-Ted and Heather, Buckinghamshire

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