Battle of Britain

Paddy Finucane

On the eve of St. Patrick’s Day, it seems an appropriate moment to put up my painting of Paddy Finucane entitled 'First Day in Combat'.

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A Commemoration of F/Lt. D.G. Gribble

A Reflection on the life of Battle of Britain pilot F/Lt. Dorian George Gribble DFC, 54 Squadron, and the story of how I came to paint his Spitfire.

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The Last Enemy

Battle of Britain pilot Richard Hillary's book "The Last Enemy" provides me with much needed insight and inspiration, at a moment where the world once again faces the the crisis of war.

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Observer Corps Post 1940

The Role of the Observer Corps (later Royal Observer Corps) in the Battle of Britain

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Battle of Britain Paintings

For all the pervading strength of the images that exist from the Battle of Britain, there are really precious few pictures from the time.

Perhaps artists can try to redress this and help re-tell this important story, to preserve it's memory for future generations?

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About the Hardest Day

A series of 6 short articles summarising the action of 'The Hardest Day', explaining it's significance and a little about my paintings of the day's events.

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Painting the Spitfire

A series of 12 articles showing what goes into the creation of one of my Battle of Britain paintings.

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