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A Change of Perspective

How seeing the same things around us from a different angle for a moment, might help us gain a little sense of escape from the day to day difficulties that surround us.

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Why Should the Open Field System Matter to Us?

The open field system represented a way of life that allowed our recent forbears to live a balanced life, albeit a hard working one, in touch with the land. It gave them the means to provide their own dignity and a degree of independence. I came to see how much more ubiquitous it was than I had once thought, and how its presence and loss through enclosure was a great tragedy that is still really relevant today.

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The Memory of Experience

Why is it so hard to access the feeling of the original experience when we revisit a memory or event in our mind?
How is the brain processing to the memory the complex beauty that is all around us?
I think that certain kinds of art can sometimes link us back to this ‘lost’ emotional sense, the artist’s treatment of detail providing a key to replicating the mind’s experience of the original moment.

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