About My Art and Me

Conway working

I am a self taught artist and have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember.
Originally trained as an engineer, I have spent most of my working life outside on the land on farms of different kinds, working with lots of old machinery on the way.
I have over the last couple of years dedicated myself to my art full time, working from our home in beautiful rural Carmarthenshire.

The Resonance of a Moment....

My art is about capturing moments. Experienced moments easily lost or forgotten. Real moments from our collective past, with meaning and resonance, that no one captured at the time. Imagined moments that sweep through the mind inexplicably, representative of something wider than themselves.

hurricanes low

I find the use of a realist style works best for me to express these things. The sweep of human memory is, after all, essentially realist in nature. The draw of paint for me is the possibility to express something of the emotional response and nuance of feeling with which the human mind overlays our recollections.

I think a painting should draw one in by capturing something striking of the indefinable impression of a moment.

On Talley Road

Yet our mind also records staggering levels of minutiae in everything we observe, and layers it in the unfathomable and complex matrix of our recollections.In the same way that the nature of our memory draws us into the images it holds, I like a painting to keep revealing new levels of detail and intrigue for every time we return to it,...

more detail from on Talley road

... reflecting the complex retrieval processes of our memory.

On Talley Road Detail

For me, the detail matters almost as much as the expression.

My tubes of paint, together with the jar with my thinner in

I work exclusively in oil paint, which over the years I have found to give the greatest opportunity to express the subtleties of light and colour that are the real register of human experience.